A poem begins with a lump in your throat ~~ Robert Frost



SHE – available on Amazon.com or from Eve Hoffman, contact:              evehoffman@bellsouth.net


SHE, a quintet of wind-swept poems is a compact memoir tracing the steps of a diffident
child as she becomes a confident woman who simultaneously follows the rules and pushes
the boundaries. She chooses a man who deals in the “uncommon currencies” of bear hugs
and laughter, recalls the rumbly-tumbly of her now adult children, shoulders an array of
civic duties, accepts—bewildered—widowhood. Love comes again, almost stealthily, then
rooted like the trees, she celebrates. The fifth poem, a prayer, leads the reader toward the
future, acknowledging fear and affirming joy. Lucky reader.

~ Paula Bevington, Attorney, civic and business leader, Atlanta.


From SHE–Part One

     She was a scaredy-cat

     afraid of howling winds tossing back tin roofs,

     of coonhounds braying on full-moon Georgia nights,

     of snakes – all of them…


Eve Hoffman, in SHE, offers us the gift of a rich and deeply-experienced life, a woman’s life
seen through the prism of the poet’s craft. In language that’s both lyrical and accessible – the direct language of the everyday lifted to the level of song, of praise – she creates a vibrant and meticulously interwoven narrative that pulls the reader along, and further along, and ever more deeply into the world and the life that this generous poet shares with us. SHE is a work of sustained beauty and creative energy, the kind of beauty and creative energy that can sustain us all.

Cecilia Woloch, Award-winning poet, Los Angeles and Paris


From Jumping Off the Refrigerator…

     I miss you jumping off the top of the refrigerator

     into Dad’s arms, giggling the whole way…


 Eve Hoffman, SHE, invites us to take a journey into a life unfolding, lovingly experienced with the full range of human emotions. No road maps are needed as we move along her journey, drawn in and moved by the depth and vulnerability of her personal exploration. SHE is a celebration of a complex life shaped by events that define our generation and inform our humanness. 

~Dr. Shimon Waldfogel, Psychiatrist , Philadelphia


From Oh Lord…

     Oh Lord

     of births and beheading

     (for if you are there, you must be God of both)

     put your thumb on the scales

     of new stars

     and the air we breathe.


SHE Cover: Lady in Blue in a Chair by Sal Brownfield

Contact: evehoffman@bellsouth.net to arrange readings and book signings. SHE is available on Amazon or from the author.

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