A poem begins with a lump in your throat ~~ Robert Frost


RED CLAY, Finishing Line press  — Out of print




Eve Hoffman’s is a well-seasoned voice, a storyteller’s voice, the voice of a woman whose girlhood in the south – dirt roads and damp sheets on clotheslines; bombed synagogues and segregation and the Ku Klux Klan – is evoked here, along with her seasons as daughter and mother and wife and widow, in loving detail, in rich remembrance.

Cecilia Woloch, poet


An authentic Southern voice with a universal chord, Eve Hoffman’s poetry continues down that remarkable path of great Southern writers before her. In Red Clay she tells of children, parents, a husband, school, tragedy, friendship, war and love. Set against a background of sky and earth, her poetry testifies to the enduring power and appeal of place.  

Jamil Zainaldin,

President, Georgia Humanities Council


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