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RED CLAY is being published!

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February 1, 2010. RED CLAY, my chapbook of poems is being published. Buy it now!!

What is being said about RED CLAY?

Eve Hoffman’s is a well-seasoned voice, a storyteller’s voice, the voice of a woman whose girlhood in the south – dirt roads and damp sheets on clotheslines; bombed synagogues and segregation and the Ku Klux Klan – is evoked here, along with her seasons as daughter and mother and wife and widow, in loving detail, in rich remembrance. Cecilia Woloch,  Latest book of poetry, Carpathia

An authentic Southern voice with a universal chord, Eve Hoffman’s poetry continues down that remarkable path of great Southern writers before her. In RED CLAY she tells of children, parents, a husband, school, tragedy, friendship, war and love. Set against a background of sky and earth, her poetry testifies to the enduring power and appeal of place.  Jamil Zainaldin, President, Georgia Humanities Council

I hope you will buy RED CLAY now! Pre-publication sales determine the size of the press-run.  We need to sell at least 100 by the first week in March! I hope you will be a part of these early sales. I hope you will will encourage others to buy RED CLAY by sharing this announcement through your e-mail list, by word of mouth, on Facebook, Twitter, smoke signals, etc.!

How to purchase RED CLAY now?

Order on line


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Order by mail

Order Form

Please send me_____copy(ies) of RED CLAY by Eve Hoffman at

$14 per copy plus $1 shipping per copy.

Enclosed is my check (payable to Finishing Line Press) for $______




Please send check or money order to: 

Finishing Line Press, Post Office Box 1626, Georgetown, KY 40324

When will I receive my copy(ies) of RED CLAY ?

Release date is May 7, 2010 and books will be mailed to you then.

(Yes, I will sign them afterwards. Yes, I will do readings anywhere I’m invited.

And yes, the girl on the cover is me!)

Thanks so much!  I hope you enjoy RED CLAY ! 


Eve Hoffman Bio and Projects

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Eve Hoffman, a sixth generation Georgian, began writing poetry six years ago. RED CLAY is her first book. She’s worked with poets at the Paris Poetry Workshops, Idylwild Summer Poetry Workshops, Hambidge Writers’ Workshops and Cecilia Woloch’s Atlanta workshops. She’s been published by the Georgia Humanities Council, Emory University Center for Ethics, New Southerner, Southern Women’s Review, online, and her work is included in performances of the Academy Theater Senior Ensemble. Eve founded and published three anthologies of Georgia K-12 public school writing. She has recently completed the narratives of twenty-three models in Sal Brownfield’s series of paintings, A Celebration of Healing: Lives Impacted by Breast Cancer. 

Eve Hoffman has been an elected official, a public education and environmental advocate. She founded non-profits and served on numerous not-for-profit boards.

has been identified by Georgia Trend as one of the most influential people in the state and has been honored by her alma mater Smith College as a “Remarkable Woman.” Eve lives in the woods by the river of her childhood and takes her grandchildren to play in the creek she played in as a child.

*  *  *  *  *

A Celebration of Healing: Lives Impacted by Breast Cancer

I am working with Sal Brownfield to publish A Celebration of Healing: Lives Impacted by Breast Cancer –portraits by Sal (www.salbrownfield.com), narratives  by Eve (www.evehoffman.com).  Audiences include patients, friends and families, physicians, individuals and organizations interested in breast cancer and in healing.

A Celebration of Healing is Atlanta artist Sal Brownfield’s series of paintings of lives touched by breast cancer. Each is a bold collaboration in which the subject is as much muse as model. The paintings are about transition from illness to healing, from chaos to calm. They provide a space for stories to be told and stigma abandoned.  I’ve written the narratives. Together the paintings and narratives affirm essential humanity and honor lives touched by illness across all demographics. Reactions  range from silence and tears to an outpouring of stories. Brownfield observes: “Art is a non-clinical, non-judgmental, non-intellectual stimulus which resonates on a spiritual level. This is not art therapy but art itself as healing.”

Each painting is both representational and abstract, designed to create a sense of sanctuary using a contemporary stained glass motif. The series consists of twenty-three 5′ x 4′ oil and shellac works on canvas and accompanying narratives.

If you are interested in this project please contact us at evehoffman@bellsouth.net or salbrownfield@mindspring.com. We are particularly interested in exhibition and publishing opportunities.

My Mother’s Hands

In recent years I have uncovered a trove of poetry written by my grandmother and mother. I’m intrigued with the resonance across the twentieth century in the voices of three generations of Atlanta born, Jewish, Smith College educated women as well as in the work of my daughter, an artist and also a Smith graduate. If you are interested in this project, particularly publishing opportunities, contact me at evehoffman@bellsouth.net.

November Poems

After walking into an unexpected wall of depression I began to write and write and write. I am working on a collection of these November poems. If you are interested, contact me at evehoffman@bellsouth.net .