A poem begins with a lump in your throat ~~ Robert Frost


We find our own stories in Eve Hoffman’s poetry—affirming, bearing witness both intimate and epic in the time flow of the second half of the twentieth century.
     ~Paul Root Wolpe , Director, Center for Ethics, Emory University




for readings and discussion of her newly released book Memory & Complicity from Mercer University Press.  Books available for purchase. This list will be updated as dates and information is confirmed. Contact Eve Hoffman (evehoffman@bellsouth.net) to schedule a reading/event.



Planning: Discussion has begun with an Atlanta synagogue to collaborate on a music and poetry event building on more than 30 musical references in Memory & Complicity

Schedule now…

Reading and discussion of Memory & Complicity

  1. Identify 1 or 2 co-hosts.
  2. Locate a place and set time – library, church/synagogue/mosque, someone’s home, bookstore, art gallery, as program for an already scheduled event, e.g. Rotary, be creative.
  3. Get e-mail invitation designed specific to your event from Eve or design your own.
  4. Send e-mail invitations with personal note. Eve can also do e-blast to her list and put info in newsletter (if in a public place).
  5. Re-send invitation and reminder a few days before event.
  6. Organize drinks and light food.
  7. Set up table for sales and signing books

Approximately half hour after starting time (depends on the group) Eve will read for 20-30 minutes from Memory & Complicity tailored to audience. Reading followed by discussion and conversation.

Contact: evehoffman@bellsouth.net

All welcome!

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  4. Eve, you rock. I want to be you when I grow up.

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